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100% Volunteer Run
100% of the Time

Not Your Mom uses a Volunteer Database designed and maintained by burners for burners. We like that there are no ads, data is carried over from one event to the next, and volunteers can go to one place to sign up for all the events produced by Not Your Mom. Your data is not being shared with any big corporations. 


How It Happened

Let's give credit where credit is due! Rachel Fish is the brains behind the Volunteer Database. Back in late 2014 and early 2015, volunteers from Apogaea (Colorado, USA) were working on making updates to their existing volunteer database. Rachel is friends with a couple of the developers and was present at a weekend-long hackathon where lots of ideas were shared and code was written aplenty. Unfortunately, when Apogaea was postponed in 2015, the development of their volunteer database was postponed as well.


The current database project was started in November 2015 as an experiment in learning the Laravel framework. Over time, what started as a learning exercise turned into a fully featured system. Rachel's previous experience with the old Apogaea database gave her insight into some of the problems the team was facing and inspired her to try something new.

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