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Burnal Equinox WNY

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)'( Welcome to Burnal Equinox )'(

This is an officially sanctioned Regional Burn. While the Burning Man organization has no involvement with the actual production of this event, the event will follow the 10 Principles. 

What is Burnal Equinox?

The midpoint between the burning of the Man last year and the burning of the Man this year at the annual Burning Man event in Black Rock City, Nevada is the Burnal Equinox. Events celebrating the Equinox keep the Burning Man Spirit thriving during the cold winter months. Join us to celebrate art, music, performance art, and our community. Costumes are encouraged!

What Happens at Burnal Equinox?

This depends totally on you, the participant! What do you want from the night? What do you think (y)our community wants? How can you contribute?
What we create is a canvas for you to build upon. We do our best to keep your options unrestricted. We must follow all Federal, State, and local laws, but beyond that, you are free to be and create the person you are or have always wanted to be. You are encouraged to create and display art that means something to you.


We are encouraging EVERY SINGLE PARTICIPANT to volunteer. There are many opportunities to volunteer, as an all-volunteer group helps facilitate the event and increase ownership and participation. There are plenty of ways to contribute to the event and the experience that is Burnal Equinox. 


The Avalon ROC
470 State Street, Rochester NY 14608
Avalon Roc is an amazing venue in the High Falls District of Rochester.

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