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Cosmic Burn

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)'( Welcome to Cosmic Burn )'(

This is an officially sanctioned Regional Burn. While the Burning Man organization has no involvement with the actual production of this event, the event will follow the tenets provided by (y)our Community of the 10 Principles.

Cosmic Burn is a multi-day campout event. We organize the event space around a Center Camp and everyone is encouraged to take advantage of the space. We bring a stage and a sound system. You can host events and play music in the Center Camp. 

There are no vendors, however ice is for sale. 

What Happens at Cosmic?

This depends totally on you, the participant! What do you want from the weekend? What do you think (y)our community wants? How can you contribute?
What we are creating is a canvas for you to build upon. We do our best to keep your options unrestricted. We must follow all Federal, State, and local laws, but beyond that, you are free to be and create the person you are or have always wanted to be. You are encouraged to create and display art that means something to you.


We are encouraging EVERY SINGLE PARTICIPANT to volunteer. There are many opportunities to volunteer, as an all-volunteer group helps facilitate the event and increase ownership and participation. There are plenty of ways to contribute to the event. 


Cosmic happens on private land in Ithaca, NY USA

    You are encouraged to organize offerings to the community. There will be a large whiteboard at the Center Camp with the daily events.
  • PETS
    Pets are NOT permitted at the event. This includes emotional support animals.
    NO LIFE GUARD ON DUTY A swimming pond will be available so bring your floaties. A larger pond will be available for small boating/kayaks. No boating in the swimming pond and no swimming in the boating pond. ALL WATER ACTIVITIES ARE PROHIBITED BETWEEN DUSK AND DAWN. Going in/on the ponds after dark will get you kicked out of the event.
    You may bring a generator, just be mindful of its noise impact on your neighbors. Electricity is on site but is only for emergencies.
    Please bring your own drinking water.
    Hot Clean Communal Please only use Dr. Bronner's or other biodegradable soap
    Nudity is permitted throughout the venue. Nudity is not consent to touch or stare at someone's body. Be considerate! This is some peoples first experience with nudity Bring a towel to sit on.
    No amplified sound in your camps louder than a boombox. If your neighbors can hear your sound, it’s too loud.
    We WILL have GATE SALES. Gate tickets are $100 cash or PayPal.
  • FIRE
    Individual campfires are not permitted. Several community fire pits will be available and wood is provided. Using a camp stove at your campsite is fine. Fire spinning is permitted in the lawn areas only. Do not spin fire in the woods. Always have a safety person with you when you spin fire.
    This is a pack it in, pack it out event. There are no garbage receptacles on the land. Be prepared to take all your trash with you.
    Please be gone no later than 3:13 PM on Monday. Be sure to MOOP sweep your area. Leaving no trace will help us return to this property. There is no dumpster. Pack it in and pack it out.
    A center camp with a stage, sound system, and a community bar will be set up and participants are encouraged to hold events and performances in the center camp area. A whiteboard will be available to list any events you want to host for the community.
    Tent campers can choose wooded spots or a grass/lawn area. Trailers, RVs, car/van campers are welcome but there are no hook-ups. All camping is first-come, first-served. Depending on the weather, this may be a carry-in, carry-out situation, but distances to car drop-off points and camping sites are very doable especially with a wagon. We will know if we can drive to campsites when we get to the event. There may not be specified quiet camping. Quieter camping will be farthest from the Center Camp.
    Early entry may be possible for artists or others bringing larger infrastructure. Send us an email if you think you need early entry.
    All ticket holders are on a list at the gate. You do not need a physical or electronic ticket. Please have your government-issued ID with you for check-in. You will receive a wristband and should have it on for the duration of the event.
  • ICE
    Bagged ice will be for sale on-site using the honor system. Please bring cash. Cost: $4.00 per bag
    Saturday at 10:00ish there is a lot that goes into it, bear with us!
    Children are welcome and get free admission if they are 13 or younger. Parents/Guardians are responsible for keeping their baby burners supervised and making sure they stay safe!
    If you decide to take photos or videos, you need to have the consent of all people who appear in the images (including in the background). Photographers are expected to delete any photo(s)/video(s) upon request of the subject, even if prior consent was granted. Do not take photos if a “No Photos” sign is posted or if a no photos policy is announced at an event. All photos from the event will be for personal use only.
  • ART
    Please bring your art. We love art and we want you to express yourself at this event. If you need an art grant, let us know and we will see if we can help.
    2024 Thursday: Noon - 9:00p Friday: 10:00a - 10:00p Saturday: 10:00a - 2:00p (Art Burn at dark) Sunday: No gate (Art Burn at dark) Monday: Exodus by 3:00
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